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Which college(s) did you graduate from (please include degrees & majors)?
Whittier College, BA Psychology and Child Development
CSU Fulerton, MS Special Ed

What year did you start at Telesis?

What subjects/grades have you taught?
Kinder, 1st, 7th and 8th (math, science, PE)

Your class is home of the (college & mascot)?
University of Oregon Ducks

What is your favorite thing about Telesis?
The staff is truly amazing. The support we have for each other (and our students) goes beyond the classroom walls.

What were you like as a child/student?
I was extremely shy, but very observant. I feared speaking in front of the class. As a student, my brother and I competed for the best grades. I swear he has a photographic memory! I really worked hard to earn those A's! I remember so many sleepless nights in college, too, but I always made room for softball to de-stress!

Favorite .... (Book, childhood memory, person in the world? Your choice)
My dad practically rose with the sun. I love to sleep, but my favorite childhood memory is waking up super early on Saturday mornings to ride our bikes to McDonald's together so we could read the newspaper and have breakfast. When I was younger, I read the Comics section and as I got older, we shared the front page and sports section (during baseball season). He later lost his battle against cancer and I just really miss seeing his eyes light up when I would strap on my helmet to join him on his morning ride.

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