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Our STEAM Program

Our students become problem solvers, innovators, logical thinkers, literate in technology, and self-reliant through our hands-on, STEAM and Project-Based Learning programs.  The STEAM theme adds value to the core curriculum by generating motivation through engagement in all content areas.

  1. Instruction that addresses the STEAM theme across all subject areas
  2. Wireless internet access throughout campus
  3. Utilize technology such as Chromebooks, iPad’s, and MacBook’s on a daily basis
  4. Hands-on Project-Based Learning activities
  5. Access to 3D printers and a Laser Cutter
  6. Robotics weaved through the grades with specific Robotics classes during the day in middle school.
  7. Partnership with the California Science Center, including training, planning, and execution of lessons focused on Engineering through NGSS. 
  8. College Access Plan: No Excuses University (NEU) available for all grades
  9. The Arts:  Music classes begin at First Grade and Expand into Seventh and Eighth Grade.  The Meet The Masters program exposes children to the works of famous authors and artists.