Librarian Kevin Ellis » Bio


Which college(s) did you graduate from (please include degrees & majors)?
Rio Hondo College: AA in Liberal Studies
Ashford University: BS in Library Science, Master's in Education

What year did you start at Telesis?

The Library is home of the (college and mascot)?
Gonzaga University - Spike the Bulldog
Rutgers University - Scarlet Knight

What is your favorite thing about Telesis?
The wide assortment of diversity in students and staff. Its one of the nicest places one can hope for.

What were you like as a child or student?
I was a reasonably mature and smart student when younger, yet not motivated to excel in my studies. While teachers thought I could pass for a strong student if I put my efforts forth, I felt comfortable being a C student.

What is your favorite (book, childhood memory, person in the world, etc. Your choice)
Dinotopia by James Gurney, The Dark Tower: Gunslinger by Steven King, The Death of Superman by Jan Jurgens, Batman: Knightfall by Chuck Dixon, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Count of Monte-Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Inspirational Quote
"Do not hate humans. If you cannot live with them, then at least do them no harm. For theirs is already a hard lot." - Unknown