End of Year Drop Off

The week of Monday, June 1st, we will begin collecting textbooks and distributing any final materials to our students and families to close out the school year.
Attached to this communication is a link identifying which days and times drop off will take place. Please be aware that drop off is intended to be a drive by drop off for all grade levels. Make sure to bring any textbooks, classroom library books, or library books to drop off at Telesis on the assigned day. In addition, 8th grade and only 8th grade will turn in their google chrome books. All other grade levels may keep their technology and return after the summer break. Seventh and 8th grade students will need to return their instruments during this time as well. We will be distributing refunds for Disneyland, the Angels Game, and Outdoor Science School as well as yearbooks, panorama pictures, medication, and any items that were remaining in the classrooms and lockers prior to school closing. As the date approaches, there will be several more messages outlining which days as times as well.
For information of drop off times copy and paste the below or visit our school website. As always if there are any questions, please contact your child's teacher or feel free to email me at jschmitz@rowlandschools.org
End of Year Drop off Dates and Times
Johan Schmitz